Saturday, 7 July 2012

#2 European Folk Daughter

I fell in love with her voice before really listening to her words. 

I follow the self proclaimed Kim Kardashian of tumblr, Jamie Ryan Dee. He posted Youth by Daughter which was featured in a Skins trailer on Channel 4. I listened to it over and over again.

 She was quite obscure then so after some desperate internet searching up popped Elena Tonra. The bowl cut haired and high-waist shorts wearing Brit is one half of the act Daughter. Her boyfriend backs her gentle (but lovely) singing. Last summer she was Vogue's artist of the week where she described how the sound evolved from just her playing a guitar to incorporating industrial undertones and light atmospheric sounds to support her incredible lyrics.

Yes, she's more alternative/experimental (Listen to Love) than folk, but she uses several folk elements to sing the stories of her songs.

Check back tomorrow for my next post on the European Folk series

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