Monday, 23 July 2012


For those of you wondering where I am: I'm busy. Life has been filled with some new awesomeness coming my way. I've been spending this part of my Uber Summah catching up with friends that I've missed connections with during their school year and while I was working.

Last week was a complete blur. Spent some time with one of my good friends Candice. She's definitely my go-to girl when attending events. We have great chemistry: her as the photog and me as the writer stuffing food in my face in the corner. It all works out & I always have tons of fun with her.

People always ask where we met. Answer: Church where I've met all of my closest friends. She and I were able to make plans for the year, take some pictures, work on a cover song (you read right). 

Before that I spent some time with my other good buddy Janelle before she ditches me and goes off to school again after her Jamaican vacay! Another girl I'm working on singing a cover with...but this one is BSB themed. Just cause we're awesome like that. We went to the LUSH Emotional Brilliance event and I cooked at her house. Apparently her mum loved my pasta. BOOYA!

This past weekend I chilled out with my baby sister Chanelle. I was so upset because my purse was missing, but she put up with my moodiness cause she loooooovvvessss me! We made GIFs, acted like idiots, watched a rugby game and went to my friend's birthday party (bouncy castle included). All of my friends are different, but there's totally something unique and special about Chanelle: She doesn't give a flying  falafel  about what you or your mother thinks. I have so much fun with her (even when we cleaned her home). Forever and always the Ingrid Michaelson song below will remind me of her <3 

See how awesome we are below

PS: Finally have instagram. Follow up! ElaishaJade :)

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