Friday, 6 July 2012

Free Music!

Ok so I have this massive love for a website called Noisetrade! I have a few others, but I've been on this site for years. 

You can get an entire album from an independent artist for free or for however much you would like to donate to them. I've downloaded Paperroute, Cut off your hands, Apache Relay and so many others. This post is about their new Summer Sampler which has over 30 songs to make your summer awesome. Still putting my summer playlist together for you kids, so hang tight with this album download until then!

Some standout tracks are Poisoning the Well by Matthew Perryman Jones, Close my Eyes by the Vespers and Paint my Life by SHEL.

Like Noisetrade on facebook then voila! Free tunes. I've listened to some of it and so far it's great if you love alternative-car-driving songs.

Let me know what you think!

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