Friday, 6 July 2012

NEW SERIES! European Folk #1

New Series!
Photo by Chris La Putt

Thanks for taking the time to read and listen to my posts for my MashUps series! Since it was so popular, I've decided to keep the series going but switch it up a bit. This week's roster will be a list of my new obsession: European Folk acts. We've all heard of the American Mumford and Sons and Fleetwood Foxes so I wanted to pass along a few (mainstream as some are) folk acts from Europe that are staples in any growing musical library.

I'll start with one of my absolute favourites The Tallest Man on Earth. He's actually not the tallest man on earth...but he's awesome. The first song I heard by him was Over the Hills last year and I fell in love with his voice and sound. I ordered his second CD The Wild Hunt. And died. Of happiness.

From the first time I looked him up I found a post online from the Secret Garden Series and I did some digging to find it again for you all.

I don't know what it is, but his voice is just *no words*

Check back tomorrow for my next post in my European Folk series! Follow all of the posts here

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