Saturday, 9 June 2012

Blogger of the Month

The incredible illustrations of this Chilean artist stopped me in my internet surfing tracks and led me to creep his blog for an entire afternoon.

The hipster reincarnations of notable international figures  post on Buzzfeed led me to the website of Fab Ciraolo this afternoon. I've subscribed via RSS feed already.

The nebula backrops are liken to the photoshopped posts I see all over my dash on tumblr however their sketch-like focal pieces have deep presence and detail. I've been selecting art for almost 4 years for a magazine in Toronto and I would pee my pants to receive a submission like this.

Some of my favourite pieces after the break

                                                                         Jem = Winning


Click here to see how this was made!

Read more about Fab in an online interview [Cool Hunting]

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