Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mug Cake: A Possible Fail

My mother has been talking about purchasing that mug cake thing from the grocery store for months. True to her extreme couponing devotion, she waited for the discount slip to come in the mail so she would gleefully purchase the microwave-prepared dessert.

Of course I was given the task of "baking" the thing. While dancing around my kitchen to Smashmouth I sprayed some pam in the mug, added some milk, stirred it up and presto...a caramel smelling soup.

 Into the microwave it went where it puffed up. I put it back in for safe measure since I thought I put too much milk into it. It promptly deflated after I pulled it out. 

It didn't take me long to make. I only listened to Why Can't We be Friends two and a half times from prep to when I pulled it out the second time. So buy your mug cake and tell me if your experience was similar. 

PS it had the look and consistency of pumpkin pie. The jury is still out on the taste.

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