Monday, 11 June 2012

Who you should follow too

After going through a binge un-following-spree, I finally found a happy medium for my twitter timeline. 

This is an ongoing series of a few accounts on my list that I think you should follow. Just sayin. 

Andrew @Gunnarolla

First youtube star I ever met.
I worked with him at TIFF and he's a doll.
A singing doll. 

One of the blogs I frequent on my RSS Feed.

 Leesa Butler @theFList
She runs The F-List and is always
placed front row. I worked with her a few
times and she's absolutely lovely.

Trevor Boris @TrevorBoris
The love of my life.

 Shannon Boodram @shannontboodram
Confident, gorgeous AND hilarious.
Another youtube star to follow.

Rush Studio @RushStudio
Photography/Media company run
by my girl Martika & her business partner. 

Dufflet Pastries @tourdedufflet
The reason why I love Uptown Yonge.
Don't follow if you're on a diet. Seriously.

Daniel Goodbaum @dangoodbaum
One of my favourite curators of sartorial
on the streets of Toronto (and Europe) 

The Grid @The GridTO
People give me funny looks on the train on
Thursdays as die while I read the dating diaries. Enough said. 
Leave a comment below or tweet me who I should follow next. @elaishajade

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