Friday, 15 June 2012

The Daily

One of my life-long questions has been answered. Crispier French to guide! [The Kitchn]

This company was started by a 21 year old...and they're hiring.
Here is my favourite posting. Makes me I wish I lived in SanFran.

Ok, don't judge the song to harshly based on the video. It's actually pretty good. A mix of Republica, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Gang of Four. Nope didn't mention The Pretty Reckless because they're NOT APPLICABLE

Polaris prize long list is finally out...and this confirmed my popularity contest expectations again. [The Province]

Ok so now Matt Bomer knows how most women in North America feel. Suck it up. [People]

And in other song releases, Jamie Lynn is back and singing about...her sister? 

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