Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Girly songs (MEN STAY AWAY)

Even some of my closest friends haven't seen my girly side. Below are some songs that I sing into hair brushes and that get me giggling and painting my nails.

1. One of the Boys
Not a Katy Perry fan, but I love this song. 

2. Why Can't I
Come on, this song is in like, every chick flick. pppp

3. 1000 Miles need for explanation. 

4. Why Not 
I probably should have put on Coming Clean or Wake up...but I secretly love this song.

5. Everytime We Touch

6. One girl Revolution
I have so much love for Superchic[k] 

7. Suddenly I see

The Devil Wears Prada. That is all. 

8. That's what Girls do
I loved their version of Kids In America

9. Everywhere
I had to end with this one. It's Michelle Branch. 

Any other songs I missed? Comment below! PS, have you seen my new Youtube channel? Check it out here.

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