Thursday, 7 June 2012

Girls: A non-recap

A non-recap of this buzz worthy show 

The launch timing this post-series is horrible. I've stopped watching 2 Broke Girls and the first season of New Girl is over and episode 8 of Girls (the only show I'm watching right now) has been re-capped everywhere.

Solution: here's the preview of Episode 9:

#1 Michael Imperioli as Hannah's new love interest. Wait...does that mean she and Adam aren't meant to be? Guess he won't be peeing on her again.

#2 Whew! We're going to see Shoshanna again? I thought I would find her incessantly annoying but I actually consider her a breath of fresh air from her three selfish, hipster sub-culture-cultural counterparts. Especially when she smokes crack.

Until next week. Or whenever.

*Note: My co-workers and I were discussing whether or not Girls is likable. I said that the first few episodes were a shock tease and now the character development has begun. If you survive through the first three, you'll be hooked even though the next three still require some determination.

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