Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dealing with the Heat: How to Guide

The weather in Toronto is killer. Tomorrow is supposedly going to be worse. As I sat under the direct breeze of my ceiling fan, wearing almost nothing I thought: Wouldn't my readers want to know how to cool down too? Especially if their workplace or home has no AC. Like me...then I discovered my tears of heat frustration aren't the only "cooling agents" out there. Just, play it cool. 

Drink water The most important piece of advice I can give you is to drink a lot of water. Hydrating your body keeps your temperature lower thus less sweat.

Stay indoors or under shade between 10am-4pm The hottest part of the day should be spent out of the sun in a cool area so you don't overheat.

Eat your lunch in a shopping center Since I have no AC at my workplace, I've begun walking around the cool shopping centre down the street. It makes returning work bearable.

Don't use a fan unless you have an open window Don't blow hot air back around the room, it could even increase the chance of heat exhaustion. Do yourself a favour and crack open a window before cranking on the fan. *Tip* If you don't have a window, grab a bowl of ice and place it in front of your fan. Voila a makeshift AC!  (no matter what Zak says)

Wear a Headband Keep your hair out of your face! It makes your forehead even hotter. Plus wearing a headband slicks away all of the sweat that would drip on your face.

Spend less time in your car Cars are the worst heat incubators of the summer. Walk or ride your bike instead of sweating it out in your vehicle or worse, wasting gas on AC.

Block the sun Use shades or drapes in front of windows during the afternoon to prevent intense sunlight from pouring in.

Drink less alcohol and smoke less cigs They slow down your circulatory system and the regulation of your sweat gets wonky.

Mist! Keep a mist bottle in your desk drawer for those moments when you just need a cool touch.

Turn it off! Your computer and lights emit heat where you are. Turn off the lights and use natural light. Give your computer a rest and write your notes by hand and type them up later. 

Think cool Play a game of mind over matter with yourself and think about long exodus' through frozen tundra and extended winters in a shack or whatever. Just don't think about the sweat pooling in your belly button. Gross.  

Play these chilling songs to keep in the spirit of a cool summer

Ok, not too chilling, but it's could I leave this out? 

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